El Bulli, Ferrán Adrià, and the discussion at hand…


The World Summit Of Gastronomy 2009 Begins In TokyoWill he? Won’t he? What’s going on? The food world did a collective gasp last week when The New York Times declared that instead of merely closing for a few years of reinvention, famed chef Ferrán Adrià was actually planning on closing El Bulli, noted by many to be the best restaurant in the world. As thousands of eager fans sat readily at the wait by their computers dreaming only of the day when their reservation request would finally be confirmed at the avant-garde eatery, Chef Adrià explained that he would instead pursue the establishment of some sort of El Bulli culinary academy, citing a profit loss of nearly half a million Euros each year at the revered restaurant.

Hopeful fans cried shamelessly on their keyboards, others didn’t seem to lose much sleep over the announcement.

But wait!

Caterer and Hotelkeeper Magazine dropped the report early yesterday morning that Adrià was claiming in a Spanish newspaper that he was misquoted by The New York Times article, and that he would not necessarily be closing El Bulli. As noted in El Universo, the chef will move forward with his plans to close the restaurant for two years and reopen in 2014.

So what will be the final fate of the gastronomic powerhouse? The communal holding of breath by foodies the world over continues, though some are already over it.

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~Jennifer Heigl

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