Kilimanjaro Hosts World’s Highest Pop-Up Restaurant; Portland Brings Back Blind-Tasting Bingo


kilimanjaroflyerIn an effort to raise funds for Mama Hope, a non-profit organization “that invests in projects that bring food, security, clean water, education and health care to African communities in need”, adventurers are trekking to Mt. Kilimanjaro later this month as part of the Mama Hope Kilimanjaro Expedition, an “inaugural impact trek” to benefit Tanzania’s St. Timothy’s School.  The journey will include a summit to the top of the mountain, and upon decent, hikers will participate in what has been touted as the world’s highest-altitude pop-up restaurant (12,500 feet above sea level). The feast will feature African dishes prepared by Senegal-born chef Pierre Thiam, formerly of New York’s Le Grand-Dakar Restaurant. As part of the special excursion, guests will also spend two days volunteering at St. Timothy’s, a school and orphanage built by Mama Hope and partnering organization, The Tanzania Children Concern.


Other food news:

  •  I never ate much of the food offered in my college dorm dining room. It’s nice to see that students in D.C. area are actually doing something with those gnarly leftovers. Their Food Recovery Network recovered and donated over 120,000 pounds of food just last year.
  • Loved this idea of Blind-tasting Bingo when I read the press release. It looks as though last year was a smashing success, with this year’s roster featuring six kick-ass female chefs. What a great way to experience new foods/flavors.
  • Sometimes, you need a quirky hook to make that sale, and a new pop-up restaurant at the Turks & Caicos’ Grace Bay Club – Stix, featuring food on sticks, of course – does just that.


~Jennifer Heigl

*Photo credit: Mama Hope