Is Organic Alcohol The Key To A Hangover-Free Morning?

Could the lack of pesticides and other harsh chemicals be the key ingredient to staving away the awful next-day hangover? Heather Stephenson of says it just may be the thing.

“You can drink easier knowing that organic spirits come from ingredients raised without pesticides or petroleum-based fertilizers, which can end up in your glass,”

Fearless NY Daily News writer Sean Evans took it upon himself to test this organic theory, spending two drink-filled evenings determining the hangover-free winner – each evening including eleven drinks and a late-night hot dog. The difference almost seemed immediate, with Evans and his drinking buddy noting that ‘organic booze is so mild.’ And the morning after? Headache-, nausea-, and hangover-free. By comparison, the non-organic evening left Evans “sluggish and slow…dull headache…churning stomach.”

The end result, aside from a slightly higher bar tab, “…the organics easily won.”

Thinking of going organic on your next barhop? Be sure to check out:

~Jennifer Heigl

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