New Editor In Chief at Michelin


Posted by R.K. Gella

Who said it was an old boys club?  For the first time in the 108-year history of the Le Guide Michelin (or the Michelin Guide) a woman will take control over the publication as editor-in-chief.  More shocking to the house of Michelin is not that Julianne Caspar, a former restaurateur and Michelin inspector, is a woman but that she’s a German. Caspar, who seldom has been photographed (ideal for a candidate of the position), will be taking the reigns of the French edition marking only the second time a non-Frenchman has had authority to do so.

But not all French nationals are up in arms.  Three-starred Parisian chef, Guy Savoy, offered some congratulatory remarks and noted a trend.

[Caspar’s appointment] shows a new open-mindedness of spirit… the number of one, two and three star restaurants in Germany [shows] that they have really come on with their cuisine in the past few years”.