Planning Your Holiday Party? Think Local and Organic!


Posted by Jennifer Heigl

Hurray! Holiday parties are upon us! Thinking about what you’ll do for your holiday event? According to MSN’s Delish, this year’s hottest cocktail party trends are local and organic! From organic alcohols to fresh produce and free-range meats, serving your guests with the best of the best is always a recipe for smashing success!

“People are very anxious for parties to be less expensive, organic, and generally green,” Karen Dalzell, an event producer in New York, observed. “Comfort is also big. A lot of our events have started to be warmer, fuzzier, with comfort foods and fewer small bites.”

More tips for your holiday party:

  • When serving alcohol, particularly the hard stuff, make sure to provide plenty of bites and munchies for your guests. Raucous parties can only get worse with alcohol overload.
  • Think organic, of course! Check out our posts on organic beer and wine, organic cocktails, and organic chocolate!
  • You don’t have to go crazy with the hors d’oevres! Think comfort! Stick with the basics! Guests love fresh prawn cocktail, a pleasant baked brie and sliced baguette, or even a crudites platter with dip. Just please – blanch the vegetables. For dessert? Holiday brownies or petit fours are always a hit.
  • Throw a ‘green’ get-together. Utilize reusable plates and utensils that can easily be washed afterward. If you have to go disposable, be sure to buy recycled or biodegradable products! We love Stalk Market!
  • Do you really need another candle? Suggest your guests bring canned food or children’s toys for donation to local shelters.

Now, on with ye merry selves!

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  • Dean says:

    Glad to hear you love StalkMarket (my client). It is, indeed good to use products like theirs if you need to go disposable. It is great if you not only use products like that, but help them find their way in to a composter.

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