Old Fashioned Cocktails Back In Style


According to MSNBC, bartenders and liquor companies are seeing a resurgence in comforting ‘heritage-style’ cocktails, thanks to this continuing recession. Old-school concoctions, like the Sidecar, Old Fashioned, and the classic Manhattan, are taking over bars across the nation. Julian Cohen, head of the consumer insights team at Fortune Brands Inc’s beverage division, says mixers from the past are more heavily flavored, utilizing sweeter liquors like bourbon and cognac.

“You’re seeing a lot of darker flavors — honeys, blackberries and raspberries, versus things like pomegranate and papaya,” Cohen said. “When times are tough we want to go to things that are comfortable … that are part of our history.”

The article goes on to discuss just how the recession is hurting even our fun-loving ways, noting that many consumers have cut back on their bar spending, preferring instead to indulge at home. While hammering bar and restaurant profits, the slow economy certainly hasn’t stopped the alcohol industry, with Pernod, the #2 drinks group, expecting double-digit annual profit growth, and Brown-Forman Corp, maker of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Finlandia vodka, posting better-than-expected profit for 2008.

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