David Chang on Letterman; Gordon Ramsay Opens Maze in Melbourne


A hat tip to Eater for snagging the video of chef David Chang’s visit to the Late Show with David Letterman last night. The chef talks about his foray into the food world, noting that his father, already in the business, wasn’t too thrilled when Chang announced his culinary career plans.

“It’s weird because he wanted me to do better in school, and this is where I ended up for not doing better in school.”

Trying to pay attention while Chang explains the art of cooking mussels and the beauty of ramps, Letterman delivers his standard funnies, pulling a cigarette from a mussel shell and inquiring if the chef still gets his linen “from the mob.” Momofuku, cowritten by David Chang and Peter Meehan, is one of this year’s nominees for the James Beard ‘Cooking From a Professional Point of View’ book award. You can also check out my interview with the award-winning chef last fall at a book tour appearance in Seattle.

British chef Gordon Ramsay arrived in Melbourne recently to open his first Australian restaurants, maze and maze grill, and the Sydney Morning Herald had a chance to chat with him a bit on the red carpet. According to the report, the restaurants cost nearly $300 million to develop, with Ramsay noting that the locations will have a “huge focus on local produce”. After chatting up the chef, reporter Donna Dimaio talks a bit with local media, who are unsurprisingly still chilly towards the chef after his ugly comments made last year about an Australian news reporter.

~Jennifer Heigl