Restaurant Critics Taken To Task in New Horror Flick


Reason #429 why I’ll never critique your restaurant in print: You just never know who’s a little off kilter.

Thanks to my fine friend, restaurant critic Patrick Coleman of the Portland Mercury, I’ve come across the trailer for a recently released independent horror film titled Bitter Feast, which made its debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival last month. As shown in this slightly frightening clip, the freaky film focuses on revenge when a popular chef (and television personality) takes aim at a food blogger who pens a negative review about his restaurant. According to the synopsis, the chef kidnaps the blogger, confining him to a basement while making him perform “simple food challenges” and adequately torturing him when the results are less than perfect.

The Huffington Post has more on the background of the film, including its correlation to former New York Times critic Frank Bruni.

With the Treme cameos of Colicchio, Chang, Dufresne, and Ripert, as well as this big screen debut of chef Mario Batali, are we looking at a growing chef-turned-actor trend?

~Jennifer Heigl


  • Heid (Savory Tv) says:

    Reviews from LAFF are quite good. I’ve been searching with no luck for the official release date. Regardless I’m so looking forward to it, go Mario!

  • jenniferhh says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t find any further dates/locations either. It looks creepy, but I might have to see it out of curiosity.

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