Ramsay Closes Another Restaurant; Anticipation Mounts For Batali And Bastianich’s Eataly


Chef Gordon Ramsay’s luck seems to ebb and flow a bit drastically, with nearly his every move making headlines. He’s opened restaurant locations, closed restaurant locations, been lambasted for public comments, and battled financial woes – all just in the last few years. The latest chapter of the Ramsay tome is unfortunately on the bad side of business, with the recent announcment of the closing of his Cape Town, South Africa location.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Maze Cape Town shuttered its doors last Tuesday, after only a year in business, with a source citing the chef’s regular absence as a downfall to the restaurant’s success.

The source added: “Nobu is next door and is always thriving, but Ramsay’s place was mostly empty. The problem is that when people did come, they wanted to know that Ramsay would be there, or at least that he had overseen the menu. The fact is he was never there and that was the problem.”

The official statement from Gordon Ramsay Holdings notes that the Maze concept is continuing to thrive elsewhere, including the Melbourne location, which opened just this year.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings said: “GRH Ltd is purely a consultant to Maze, One&Only, Cape Town. We were aware the hotel has been having difficulties but they only informed us of their decision to close Maze this morning. We will review our contractual agreement with them. Maze restaurants in the UK and around the world are performing well, with the recent opening of Maze, Melbourne, exceeding expectations.”

Chef Mario Batali and restaurateur Joe Bastianich’s much-anticipated Eataly is nearing its final stage of completion. The Italian food hall, located in the heart of New York’s Chelsea district, looks to be a massive project, with the 36,500 square foot space including more than twenty retail shops and eating spots.

According to the New York Times‘ Florence Fabricant, the food hall will feature a high-end steakhouse led by Babbo former chef, Michael Toscano, as well as a seafood restaurant, wine shop, central bar, rooftop beer garden, and takeaway pizza space, in addition to the gourmet retail food offerings. Chef Nancy Silverton, Batali’s partner in LA’s Pizzeria Mozza, will head the bakery selections.

Fabricant reports that Eataly is scheduled to open “in a month or so”.

~Jennifer Heigl