Canned Beer Comes Back In Style; When Bar Moves Go Awry


Not mere hours after I found myself waiting for a slice of pizza, examining the pizzeria’s menu, and wondering how many people were still drinking PBR, I stumbled across a recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News that says, lo and behold, canned beers are in.

Perhaps thanks to hipsters across the country, aluminum cans of yesteryear are popping up on more and more menus, according to the article. Bars like the Midwest’s Cans Bar & Canteen, which features a wide range of canned beers, from the popular Pabst Blue Ribbon to imports and crafts like the Ska Modus Hoperandi India Pale Ale, are on the rise.

“People actually make their way here just to drink the Modus,” said Cans general manager Bryan Burrow. “It is hard to find because a lot of bars just don’t carry cans.”

With more than 100 craft breweries kicking out cans, the trend is catching on. Today, somewhere between 100 and 150 U.S. craft breweries are canning and the number continues to increase, said Chad Melis, marketing director of Oskar Blues Brewery.

“Part of what is hip about it is that it’s kind of outside the box,” said Melis. “It’s not status-quo thinking. It’s like you know something that somebody else doesn’t know.”

Aside from being surprised that the phrase “celebrity cocktail artist” actually existed, I was slightly amused by a recent post about a “celebrity cocktail artist” being for allegedly trying to set a bar on fire. According to the NY Daily News, mixologist Albert Trummer is being sued by Heather Tierney of New York’s Apotheke bar, due to an incident last June where an argument over pyrotechnic moves broke out shortly before Trummer lit a mix of whiskey, brandy, and vodka atop the bar.

“While attempting to start the fire, [Trummer] shouted that, ‘If I’m going to be arrested, it’s going to be for real,’ ” says the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The bars owners hope to ban him from the premises and retrieve money for damages.


~Jennifer Heigl


  • Savory Tv says:

    It seems that all things kitsch are now experiencing a retro revival. I do confess to liking PBR, in cans! Shhh don’t tell anyone 😉


  • Haha! Yeah, I’m sure there are a few closeted PBR enthusiasts. 🙂

  • Fat Nakago says:

    PBR Me, ASAP!!

    I like Pabst, but my favourite canned beer is BITBURGER in the .5L cans.

    I also like GENESEE Cream Ale in cans…I usually have a 30-pak of that in the fridge.

  • Jeff says:


    You missed point, respectfully.

    For microbreweries, cans aren’t about being trendy. They actually do a better job keeping beer fresh and unoxidized. They are also better for the environment, and easier to recycle.

    The “canned beer” flavor has been eliminated by new manufacturing processes–you just have to pour the beer into a glass before you take a sip.


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