Esquire Names Best Airport Restaurants; Caribbean Chefs Turning To Local, Organic


Congratulations – you’ve survived another holiday season. Whether hard at work in the kitchen trenches or one of the many trying to make their way through airports and train stations across the country, hopefully you had time for a little food and wine along the way.

Though I try to avoid the airports as much as possible in November and December, I’m rather excited to embark on more traveling as this new year emerges. At the end of this month, I’ll be venturing off to cover the Bon Appetit Beaver Creek Master Chef Classic, where chefs like John Besh, Stephanie Izard, and Marco Canora will offer up kitchen tips and tricks to hungry guests. I’ll also be headed down to Miami in February for my first visit to the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. But, of course, in order to get to both destinations, I’ll have to make my way through a handful of busy airports.

Luckily, Esquire has put together a handy list of ten best airport restaurants in the world, just in case. Though I’ve heard of a few hot spots – like Hartsfield-Jackson’s One Flew South in Atlanta – I was surprised to see places like Detroit Metropolitan and Los Angeles International making the grade. I’m not sure I agree with the choice of Hooter’s at Germany’s Frankfurt airport (Hey, it’s Esquire, and men like food with…entertainment, right?) but at least the list will give you a few places to nosh the next time you’re staring down a long layover.

While local and organic has been topping the food scene here stateside for the last few years, according to Bon Appetit, the trend is just now reaching the Caribbean restaurant market. In the January issue, writer Jon Paul Buchmeyer visits two kitchens leading in the use of organic and local in the islands – Jamaica’s Jake’s and Virgin Gorda’s Rosewood Little Dix Bay. Along with a few great dishes, Buchmeyer even gets a chance to tag along with Rosewood chef Hemant Dadlani on a tour of local growers, where the chef explains that even with the interest, the use of locally produced food is still a bit of a hit and miss.

“This is a gamble,” the chef says. “But if it pays off, it could mean some of the freshest lettuce available.”

~Jennifer Heigl

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    Lookit you, fancy pants, going to Beaver Creek! Jealous!

    And… I want one of those fancy airport eats places to be someplace I go often… B/c LAX is not one of those places.

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