“World’s Best” Noma Staff Contributes to Copenhagen Travel Guide


Experiencing busy streets full of construction work, trash bins overflowing after a happy weekend, and political stickers on every other lamppost are part of the process of rediscovering beauty – the beauty of a story, like an old kitchen cutting board where each line carved by the chef’s knife adds to the value of the wood, like exploring the nature that surrounds you and bringing back the local and rustic ingredients into the kitchen. It’s rediscovering the beauty of what’s right in front of you.

Thus begins the chic, full-color guidebook to Copenhagen, Denmark, recently released by travel website, Momondo. In a unique collaboration, Momondo’s guide to the popular Danish capital is entirely composed of city picks from the staff of the destination’s lauded restaurant, Noma. Recently named, once again, as the “World’s Best” restaurant, over forty Noma staffers, both front and back of the house, offer up their favorites from across the city for this latest travel must-have, amid beautiful photos and information snippets on where to enjoy the best sights, bites, and beverages, in Copenhagen.

Chef René Redzepi picks Kastellet for a idyllic picnic setting:
“I like the old and historical parts of Copenhagen, the picturesque Royal Library Garden and the preserved fortification of Kastellet, today one of the finest parks of Copenhagen. I go here as often as I can to take stroll or lie down in the grass. It’s so peaceful, and I enjoy the feel of the open space.”

Restaurant Manager James Robert Spreadbury, originally of Adelaide, South Australia, recommends Restaurant Fischer for a bite to eat:
“The food is excellent and the menu is simple and tasty – like fettuccine, poached cod, tiramisu. Only the best is included. And the feeling around the place is cosy and informal, making you feel right at home. It’s like being in someone’s home. Very relaxed.”

Assistant Restaurant Manager Sune Østergaard, a Copenhagen native, opts for a great cocktail at the Kitjn Cocktail bar:
“There’s something about kitchens. They bring up memories. They’re perfect for drunken chats. And, perhaps, for a few forbidden cigarettes; this kitchen is one of the few places where smoking is allowed. However, the main attraction in Kitjn is the creative cocktail menu that takes you on a journey through the art of cocktailing.”

Heavy on restaurant and bar picks, naturally, the snappy little guide also includes great tourist info, including maps, emergency contacts, and where to find the nearest post office, in addition to a whole host of do-not-miss stops. You can purchase a copy of the guide at Amazon UK.


~Jennifer Heigl

*Photo credits: Published with permission from Momondo.com