SOBE’s Lee Brian Schrager Enters into Culinary Cinema at the Miami International Film Festival


Juvia, Miami, Florida

There’s been a marked increase in combo food/wine/music festivals over the last few years, from Graham Elliot’s “bistronomic” Lollapalooza to the music-centered Austin Food & Wine Festival, so much so that it doesn’t seem like much more of a jump to bring food and film into focus.

Unsurprisingly, Lee Brian Schrager, founder of both the New York and South Beach Wine and Food Festivals, looks to be the first to embark into this high-art, high-food mishmash, participating in this year’s Miami International Film Festival with his Culinary Cinema series. In early March, Schrager will host an opening event to kick off his flick picks for the festival, with the screening of director Eric Belhassen’s Why Did You Leave?, a film capturing the stories of five French chefs who relocate with their families to Brazil, meshing their traditional culinary skills with the local cuisine. The “Saveurs Do Brasil” brunch, taking place at Miami’s Juvia restaurant, will include dishes from executive chef Laurent Cantineau as well as two of the film’s stars, Erick Jacquin (La Brasserie, São Paulo) and Laurent Suaudeau (Escola Da Arte Culinaria, São Paulo). The screening soiree will feature the first of three films in the culinary-centric series, with Meat Hooked! and Oma & Bella showing in the weeks following the brunch.

“I am a movie junkie,” Schrager told Daily Blender, “and I like the programming that Jaie [LaPlante] has created at the MIFF since he joined them a few years ago, after working with me at SOBE.”

“I have screened dozens of them since July and was able to pick my three favorites to launch the series.”

~Jennifer Heigl
*Photo credit: Juvia, Miami