Virtually Venture Through Vienna with “My Perfect Day in Vienna” [SPONSORED]


My Perfect Day in Vienna

Thinking about taking a trip to Vienna, but having trouble deciding just where you want your tour to take you? The crafty folks at Vienna Tourism have recently launched a new campaign featuring six different paths to take while venturing through the Austrian city – with a twist! Interaction!

Pick a journey and watch as one of your six virtual hosts – ‘hip and trendy’ Erdem, street artist Mrs Isa, magazine editor Julian, sophisticate Jean-Paul, musician Violetta, or Pilar, a visiting student from Spain – shows you his or her idea of a perfect day in Vienna. The fabulous video tour offers a choose-your-own-adventure option, unique to this tourism campaign, however. When one of the guest guides runs into another in the video, you have the opportunity to follow the new guide! How cool is that?

Each eleven minute video offers the possibility to access information with pictures, text and panoramas at special points along the way. Though most are in German, natürlich, subtitles can be shown. Video viewers can also download a city map in order to follow the routes taken by the six protagonists. There’s even a chance to win Vienna-themed prizes, including Vienna goodie bags and a trip to Vienna!

Check it out!



All of the “My Perfect Day in Vienna” videos can be found here and on Vienna’s YouTube channel.