Santa, Snoqualmie, and the regal Salish Lodge – A Traveler’s Wish



Dear Santa,

You never visit me anymore.

I remember back in the day where, after a Christmas Eve of cheerful congregants and church service, I would carefully place cookies or tortilla chips or a munchie du jour by the living room fireplace, head to bed, and awaken to a tree (always real) surrounded by presents. Sure, I’d count them every year, making sure that my brother and I had the same number of gifts, but overall, I think I’ve always been appreciative of your work.

But now, Santa. Where ya been? Now is when I’d love to wake up on Christmas Day and have a few gifts under the tree just for me. A phone battery that doesn’t die twenty minutes into an event. A self-loading dishwasher. Clothes that launder themselves.

I’d love a spa visit every week. Or a personal chef to drop on by on Fridays, when I’ve worked all day and barely have the energy to call the pizza in. Maybe you could pay January’s mortgage payment for me?

I’d love to be able to run away for a weekend every holiday season to somewhere like Salish Lodge just outside Seattle at Snoqualmie Falls. I fell in hard for the place during a recent hosted media visit, from the sturdy stone floors of the lobby to the dimly-lit reading room. I perused the guest shop, munched on chocolate chip cookies at the manager’s reception, had a divine dinner in The Dining Room. My guestroom felt more like a bedroom in a private home, woodburning fireplace at my feet, the falls just outside the French doors. There seemed to be relaxation in every corner, with the white noise rush of the water nearby nearly singing a lullaby to every passing anxious mind. A soak in the spa’s hot tubs, a massage, a pour of the Lodge’s dynamic red wine. By the time the morning hours were reached, with a one-of-a-kind yoga session perched yards from the water’s drop, I was unrecognizable from the stressed out, holiday frantic person who arrived just 24 hours before.

Perfectly reasonable Christmas wishes, no?

See you this year?

Love and kisses,

Salish Lodge

Salish Lodge

Salish Lodge Salish Lodge

Salish Lodge - Spa

Salish Lodge

Scottevest - Lucy Cardigan

P.S. While you’re at it, I like to travel (in case you haven’t noticed) and have been coveting all the items in the Scottevest line. An additional layer for trips on the plane or a tour around town. Extra pockets for everything I always seem to have on my person.

Maybe a Lucy cardigan to give away to a Daily Blender reader? ‘Tis the season of traveling and all.


Thanks, Santa. You’re the best.




*Want to win an early Christmas present for yourself or a traveling friend? Leave a comment below on your wishes for Santa for a chance to have a Lucy or Lucille cardigan from Scottevest under the tree!*


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