From Cooking to Cleaning, Live Life like a Bosch [SPONSORED]


Pioneering the way through the digital age, Bosch builds everyday goods that make our everyday lives easier. Ovens to lawnmowers, personal digital assistants to coffeemakers, connectivity products that ease the stress of the overwhelming to-dos on our task lists.

The leading provider of connected products, Bosch technology has impacted the way we live and work for more than 100 years. Solutions that enable you to turn up your lights, turn down the heat, or run that load of dishes before you arrive home after a long day. Peace of mind whether driving, dining, working, or relaxing.

Now with The Internet of Things (IoT), a network of digital helpers stands at the ready, changing the way we make our way through the day. Manage your weekend baking projects while you catch up on your favorite weeknight shows. Cross yard work off your list while you catch up on the latest bestseller. Mow, vacuum, brew a fresh pot coffee. Even park your car with ease! With the use of the HomeConnect app, you can do it all.

Solutions aren’t just reserved for private residents and residences. With their manufacturing divisions, Bosch is leading the way for growing businesses around the world, whether hospitality or hospitals. Companies like The Yield in Tasmania are utilizing Bosch technology to streamline company processes, increasing both efficiency and sales. An ever-evolving world presents an ever-evolving set of challenges, from food supply and fuels to mobility and healthcare. Through research and development, Bosch technologies provide global solutions that will enhance our future for years to come.

This month, Bosch presents the latest in mobility technology with the unveil of the IoT shuttle at the CES Consumer Technology event in Las Vegas. Turning tomorrow into today, the keyless self-driving concept vehicle, powered electronically with the eAxle system, looks to center itself firmly in the future of transportation. Cooking, cleaning, mowing, driving, living – like a Bosch!