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Portland Cocktail Week []

Reminiscing On A Decade of Portland Cocktail Week

When the door finally opened on the Portland Cocktail Week tiki event at miniature golf mecca, Glowing Greens, guests streamed down the stairs into the dark of the black light. Bartenders from Seattle’s Rumba were glowing with neon paint, ready to shake and pour for the rush of crowd. As we packed ourselves in for the wait, perusing menus and adhering light-up bracelets and necklaces to ourselves and our accessories, conversations began between friends and strangers.

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That Week Portland Cocktail Week Came To Town

Oh, those bartenders, those “mixologists”, the ones we write about, the ones we admire from the other side of the bar. They gather regularly, you know. It’s not all tips and ten-hour shifts. Sometimes in New Orleans, sometimes in Kansas City, sometimes in New York. One shining week a year in the heart of Stumptown.

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Tommy Klus at La Moule, Portland, Oregon []

Portland Whisky Wizard Tommy Klus Brings His Scotch Lodge to Life

Portland drink aficionados have long considered themselves lucky to find a seat at the bar of “Tommy Tweed.” A heartfelt moniker for a spirits explorer with an affinity for fine fabrics, the magnanimous Tommy Klus has held command at the city’s best bars and restaurants for the last two decades…

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