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Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolate Company

On Marketing and Meltaways: Seattle Chocolate Company CEO Jean Thompson

Before Jean Thompson took the helm at Seattle Chocolate Company a decade ago, the scene wasn’t too far from her regular duties wrangling young kids at home. Communication was strained, facilities were in disarray, and opportunities to advance were being missed. After years of unsound financial investments and general mismanagement, the state of Seattle Chocolate Company was dismal, and the company’s leadership was resigned to let the failing ship sink.

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Exploring Seattle Southside: Things to Do on a Layover at Sea-Tac Airport

Long layovers happen to all of us at some point. Most airports have upgraded enough to include a hotel or two, maybe a spot for a shoulder massage or a few restaurants with better-than-mediocre food. If you’re flying through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) with a long layover ahead, leave your luggage in storage and enjoy the best of Seattle’s southside.

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