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Nichelle Nichols - Uhura (Star Trek)

On Star Trek and Star Power: A Q&A with actress Nichelle Nichols


Like most of my born-in-the-70s peers, I grew up in the age of starry science fiction, with Star Wars and Star Trek dominating my television and my bedroom decor. Outer space seemed within my childhood grasp, and with it, new extraterrestrial communities, terrains foreign and familiar, and unparalleled cosmic opportunities – like navigating a spaceship – around every corner.

Quick Spin: Author Simon Van Booy


Simon Van Booy has a way with words. A way with people, really. An observation of life that builds on a page like the slow, calculated movements of the constructs of an igloo. His stories offer a richness to life’s every day instances – love and loss, birth and death, the climbing and the falling of dreams.