Editorial Policy

Mission and Values
Daily Blender provides exclusive content of a positive and professional tone at all times.

Content and Images
Daily Blender is a mix of exclusive content. When reporting news from around the web, posts will always, always, reference where the information was acquired, including a back link to the original article.

Images utilized on Daily Blender are most often exclusive to Daily Blender. Images provided through public image sources or other websites/photographers will be noted as such with proper attribution within the post.

Photos of a “paparazzi” nature are never published on Daily Blender.

If at any time content or imaging exclusive to Daily Blender is used elsewhere, full attribution is required, including pre-approval for republishing, or legal action will be taken.

Daily Blender is primarily a one-woman show, with a handful of guest writers and contributors. A full masthead can be found on the About page.

Comments made on Daily Blender are screened. The majority of comments made in reference to Daily Blender content will be approved and published, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Comments personally directed at Daily Blender writers, or those spammier than others, will be deleted.

Food, Fams, and Freebies
On occasion, complimentary meals, beverages, products, and/or services, including media familiarization visits, are provided. Any time that Daily Blender content is created due to such partnerships, it will be expressly indicated within the post, including a link to the supporting party.

Contact information provided to Daily Blender for any reason will never be sold, rented, or shared with anyone.

Errors and Corrections
If at anytime you discover an error in a Daily Blender post, please do not hesitate to contact me to make the correction.

~Jennifer Matthewson


*This policy was created October 2010. Updated November 2011; August 2012; December 2012; December 2015.