Editorial Policy

Mission and Values
Daily Blender provides exclusive content of a positive and professional nature at all times. It grew from a passion and compassion for the food and beverage industry, and it remains, forever at its core, a way to lift voices of those putting in the work. We leave the critiquing to the critics.

Content and Images
The majority of Daily Blender is content exclusive to our site, and 100% fact-checked (though, of course, sometimes errors are made). When sourcing information, we will always link back to our original news source.

Images utilized on Daily Blender are most often exclusive to Daily Blender, and noted accordingly. Images provided through public image sources or other websites/photographers will be properly attributed at the closing of the piece.

Photos of a “paparazzi” nature are never published.

Exclusive content and images on Daily Blender are available for reprint. Approval and attribution are required or legal action will be taken.

Daily Blender is primarily a one-woman show, with a handful of guest writers and contributors. A full masthead can be found on the About page.

The internet has become a haven to invisible trolls and comments only offer those trolls a platform on which to fester. We welcome direct feedback about anything you see on Daily Blender. You can find our contact info here.

Fams and Freebies
As a digital publication covering food, beverage, and travel, we are always excited to explore new hotels and destinations, experience new bars and restaurants, taste a new wine, read a new book, etc. If at any time Daily Blender content is developed via our brand partnerships, it will be expressly written in the piece or post.

Contact information provided to Daily Blender for any reason will never be sold, rented, or shared with anyone.

Errors and Corrections
If you discover an error in a Daily Blender article, shoot us a note to make the correction.

~Jennifer Matthewson


*Updated January 2019