Leading the Pack: Parducci Wines Converts to 100% Solar and Wind

Kudos to Parducci Wine Cellars this week! It was recently announced by company officials that the nation’s first carbon neutral winery had completely converted company operations to solar and wind power. According to Restaurant News Resource, the company’s energy change equals an annual positive environmental impact equivalent to removing 172 cars from the road for a year!

“Parducci is continuously striving to be America’s Greenest Winery. This is an active and evolving process that never ends. It is a journey not a destination,” says Partner Tom Thornhill. “We are clear about what we want — an environmentally and socially conscious winery making great wines from Mendocino,” says Partner Paul Dolan. “We live our convictions by farming from the standpoint of respect for the land and the natural environment.”

Absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work, Parducci!

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