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Chris Hannah, New Orleans [Denny Culbert]

Quick Spin: Bartender Chris Hannah

Bartender Chris Hannah is one of the millions of industry workers navigating these uneasy waters. Hannah, a long-time staple of the New Orleans bar scene, is co-owner of two properties in the Big Easy: Manolito and Jewel of the South.

Meriwether Cider, Boise, Idaho

Firefighting and the Best Cider in Boise: The Story of Meriwether Cider

To adventures big and small. It jumped out at me as soon as I read it. I was downtrodden when I arrived in Boise in September of 2016, lost and weary from a year of heartbreak and personal loss. But it was at Meriwether Cider where I found renewed inspiration next to their incredible Foothills Semi-Dry.

Chef Breanna Beike, Heritage Restaurant, Woodinville, Washington []

Heritage and Hushpuppies: An Interview with Chef Breanna Beike

Chef Breanna Beike will be the first to tell you she had a good reason for naming her restaurant, “Heritage.” The vibrant chef shares her culinary inspiration with joy – the memories of cooking with her Mom, the gardens of her grandparents, the desire to celebrate the fruits and labor of the local community.

Musician Tyler Ramsey

Quick Spin: Musician Tyler Ramsey

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Tyler Ramsey is best known for his work with indie rock group, Band of Horses, but his career spans a steady stream of solo albums in addition to his supporting work.

Chef Titti Qvarnström

Sweden’s Chef Titti Qvarnström Invites You to The Edible Country

In an effort to increase visibility of the culinary possibilities that Sweden’s lush, vastly uninhabited terrain has to offer, the Visit Sweden office recently launched a clever and creative tourism campaign with “The Edible Country.” Chef Titti Qvarnström is one of the four chefs in the culinary-focused campaign, bringing her appreciation and knowledge of the Skåne region to the table.

Tommy Klus at La Moule, Portland, Oregon []

Portland Whisky Wizard Tommy Klus Brings His Scotch Lodge to Life

Portland drink aficionados have long considered themselves lucky to find a seat at the bar of “Tommy Tweed.” A heartfelt moniker for a spirits explorer with an affinity for fine fabrics, the magnanimous Tommy Klus has held command at the city’s best bars and restaurants for the last two decades…

Nichelle Nichols - Uhura (Star Trek)

On Star Trek and Star Power: A Q&A with actress Nichelle Nichols

On deck in the original show, amid traditional male forerunners Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Sulu, appeared the stunning Lieutenant Uhura, played by actress Nichelle Nichols. Though Nichols was considered a supporting character, her poise and perfection, along with a surefire, commanding voice, made her a highlight of every episode.