Oh, Top Ramen. You're Always My Old Standby.

It’s been difficult to find any good food news this week, when all there seems to be is doom and gloom. From international food shortages to rationing on our own shores, it seems like the tides are indeed turning – and everyone is affected.

On the restaurant front, businesses are getting hit left and right. Kate over at the Accidental Hedonist posted this week about the increased price of flour affecting bakers and bakeries nationwide. Bread prices are certainly on the rise. I’ve noticed quite a few articles about the increase of grains and flour affecting the pizza industry in particular. CNNMoney wonders if maybe the worst if over, barely noting the food crisis. They’re placing all of their eggs into the very wobbly stimulus tax rebate basket.

And for consumers, even though it’s still a painful time because of rising food and gas prices, help is on the way as well. The first of the government’s tax rebate checks will be hitting mailboxes on Monday. Of course, it still is a rough economic environment. The surging price of food threatens to disrupt not just U.S. consumer spending patterns but the overall global economy.

I don’t know about you, but with the price of food continuing to skyrocket, the only thing I can afford with my stimulus check is groceries.

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