Organic Food: More Than Just a Trend

A big thank you to our guest blogger, Allison, from over at for today’s post. Be sure to read her blog for great information on all things green!

When the organic food industry first began mainstream, it seems like a hippie trend. However, with more and more concern mounting regarding the environment, the organic industry today is thriving. In fact, over the past few years, this industry has grown 17-20%, which the typical food industry has grown only at a 2-3% rate.

Organic food is about more than being healthy. If you can afford the extra costs, here are a few other reasons your should “go green” with your food purchases:

* Organic farming is more energy efficient, using fewer fossil fuels for production.

* Because fewer and safer pesticides are used, dangerous chemicals are not being introduced into our water sources when it rains.

* Many organic farmers only ship within a small radius, so you’re helping to support the local farming industry with your purchases.

Going green with your food choices isn’t just a trend; it is better for your body and for the environment. I suspect that as producers begin to see more government support for their organic endeavors, the price of organic products will drop. Until then, please consider supporting organic farmers whenever you financially can!

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