What You Really Don't Know About Celebrity Chefs

During my time in the food industry, I was continually amazed, time and time again, at how romanticized the whole world of cooking seems to be. From the predictable food reality shows to the advertising of culinary programs, the whole industry seems terribly dreamy to so many folks.

This morning Superchefblog.com sent me over to an article on SmartMoney.com titled “10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won’t Tell You” and I have to tell you, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Particularly if you entered this industry with stars in your eyes!

Some of my favorite celebrity chef secrets from the article:

1.”I’m a celebrity first and a chef second.”
I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular. *cough* Rocco *cough*

3. “Just because I have a cooking show doesn’t mean I’m a chef.”
Rachel Ray is the queen of her own kitchen…and that’s it.

6. “The dishes I make on TV don’t always work so great at home…”
I have friends who buy every celebrity chef cookbook out there so I can attest the accuracy of this one.

8. “It might be my restaurant, but that doesn’t mean I cook there.”
*cough* Rocco *cough*

And my favorite quote of the article:

“If you got into this business to be the next Emeril, you should apologize to your parents for wasting their money.”

Read it yourself for a good chuckle!

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