Building Communities One Garden At A Time

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My husband and I were talking the other day about how many more community gardens seem to be sprouting up around our neighborhood. Friendly folks from a nearby church who have started a small patch of gardening earth. Neighbors are working hard to cultivate a lot of green at the entrance to the neighborhood.

A recent article in the New York Times seems to support our suspicion – people across the country are coming together to grow great things as a community! While community gardens have been popping up around Portland for years, it’s wonderful to see other communities joining in – Georgia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington – just to name a few.

While growing your own crop of veggies in a community garden can help ease the grocery bill pain, it might even bring you in a little extra cash.

The Wilkses now cultivate plots at four sites in East New York, paying as little as $2 a bed (usually 4 feet by 8 feet) in addition to modest membership fees. Last year the couple sold $3,116 in produce at a market run by the community group East New York Farms, more than any of their neighbors.

Want to learn more about starting a community garden in your neighborhood? Check out this neat little website full of information on starting and building a community garden. To read more of the NY Times article on community gardens, click here.

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