Gordon Ramsay in the Great White North, eh?

CTV is reporting this week that Chef Gordon Ramsay, host of Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, is looking to open a new restaurant – in Canada. It seems the celebrity chef on a recent visit to Toronto, Ontario confirmed that he’s considering opening a location in the city, “especially if it’s in the right place.”

Asked by CTV.ca if he was considering any properties in Toronto, he revealed there were two. While Ramsay has said the property is unlikely to be a hotel, he raved about a certain view in Toronto.
“Toronto is going through that transition that England went through 10 years ago in terms of trying to rejuvenate and position itself,” he said. “It’s a vibrant city, and architecture-wise it’s amazing — the condos and the buildings and what is happening lakeside as well — I don’t know where you can get that view,” he said.

A new Canadian location would go perfectly hand in hand with Chef Ramsay’s new show, appropriately named “The F Word,” which will premiere in Canada later this year. Hopefully the new show won’t bring about any new lawsuits for Ramsay.

~R.K. Gella

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