Maybe Your Kids Could Teach You A Few Things (About Food)

I have to admit – a recent post by the Food Dude over at had me squirming in my seat. In the first sentence about his visit to Portland’s famed Le Pigeon, my stomach twisted and turned with every phrase – “Foie Gras,” “Lamb Belly”, “Foot and Tail Croquette”. How, in my worldwide pursuit of great food, had I not grown to appreciate some of the fine dishes revered by other foodies?

In thinking about May’s theme for b5 – insight we’ve gained from kids – I realize that perhaps my one year old daughter has a better view of food than I. After all, every meal is a pinnacle of happiness in her day.

What has she taught me?

1. Eat unabashedly. Don’t dance around your plate – go for the good stuff. Eat it any way you like and feel free to smile with pleasure after every bite, even if you’re wearing most of it on your face.

2. Why read the menu? Words like ‘tomato’ or ‘foie gras’ may turn you off to a great experience. You should just eat and enjoy with all of your senses.

3. If all of your food is soft and mushy, it’s much less fun to eat.

And finally…

4. Every meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is always nicer with cookies at the end.

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