Taco Bell Going Earth Friendly?

Fast food giant Taco Bell has announced this week that they plan to install new water and energy saving electric grills in a move to conserve nearly 300 million gallons of water, and roughly 200 million kwH of electricity, per year. Their new “Grill-to-Order” method is already in place in more than half of their restaurant locations, and the company plans to have all 5,600 of its restaurants on board by 2010.

“We hope to show our customers that even small, every day changes can lead to conservation and sustainability,” said Warren Widicus, Chief Officer of Growth, Taco Bell Corp. “Whether you take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth or purchase a Grill-to-Order menu item at one of our Taco Bell locations, you can save water and impact the environment in a positive way without even thinking about it.”

With an estimated company-wide savings of $17 million a year, hopefully they’ll spend the money on good things, like better pay for farm workers, and not on evil things, like spying on rights groups.

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