NYC Brings Doughnuts Up To Code


NYC Department of Health will perceivably finish up a job well done when the final phase of the Trans Fat Regulation takes effect July 1.

The process began last year when restaurants were barred from using trans fat oils for frying and spreads in their kitchens.  Next month will put the kabosh on fats in baked goods, frozen foods, cannolis, and doughnuts.

Compliance has been overwhelming, according to the NYC DOC website, last month had 98 percent of inspected restaurants fulfilling standard.  Noted as well is a decrease in the use of saturated fats.

Most concerned have been bakers, but as Laura Stanley, Coordinator of the Trans Fat Help Center, offered:

“Chocolate chips, sprinkles and baking margarines are all now available without artificial trans fat…”In many cases, bakers don’t need to switch brands; they’ll simply order new formulations of familiar products. We found that some of these products actually worked better the than old versions made with artificial trans fat.”

Let’s hope that’s the case.

Other major cities are following suit with mandatory bands on trans fat.  Philadelphia passed their ban in February of 2007, although small bakeries are still permitted to use the shortening.  San Francisco and Chicago have been voluntary, but are moving towards stricter regulations.  State legislation against the agents has begun to enter consideration in Maryland, California and Vermont.

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