Restaurant Association Calls For Reduction In Ethanol Mandate

The National Restaurant Association, along with Texas Governor Rick Perry, urged legislators on Tuesday to reduce this year’s federal ethanol mandate by half. Perry petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency back in April to modify the mandate that requires blending 9 billion gallons of ethanol into the US fuel supply this year, a move deemed to be economically paralyzing for much of America’s business community – particularly restaurants. Many opponents of the corn-based ethanol mandate say it’s played a tremendous role in increasing the cost of many of our food stuffs, specifically items dependent on corn and soybean production.

“Although ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard mandate may have looked good five years ago, it’s no longer a good idea,” Perry told a news conference. “It’s hurting America. It’s hurting our families.”

“This is going to shrink meat animal protein production not only in this country, but globally,” Gregg Doud, an economist with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, said at the same news conference.

The increased production of ethanol has certainly contributed to skyrocketing prices at the grocery checkout stand. The National Restaurant Association has their own suggestions for the US government on responsible ethanol production.


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