What's the best restaurant meal you've had lately?

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Kate over at Accidental Hedonist had a funny post this week about the worst meal she’s ever been served. Apparently, pasta at a pizza joint isn’t always a sure bet. Be sure to check out the dismayed comments left by others who have been wronged by a food joint.

I tried to think about the worst meal I’ve ever received in a restaurant, and I had a tough time determining a winner. Why? Because frankly 90% of the restaurant meals I’ve eaten, at least in the last five years, have been very underwhelming. From dirt on vegetables to soups that resemble “everything but the kitchen sink”, I think restaurant meals as a whole have slid downhill at a rapid rate. Sometimes I wonder if dishes are even tasted before leaving the kitchen anymore. Perhaps I expect too much?

So, instead of trying to pinpoint the worst meal, I wonder what was the best meal I’ve ever been served? My last favorite meal was a surprisingly tasty, and perfectly seared steak from local steakhouse, Ringside. Perfectly cooked vegetables, tender cuts of meat cooked to my liking in a soft white sauce. It was a pleasant surprise indeed. (If you’re in the area, make sure to visit during ‘early bird’ hours for killer meal discounts.)

What was your last favorite restaurant meal? Was the restaurant recommended, or were you pleasantly surprised by a new find? Do you think a higher priced restaurant tends to be a better bet for a great meal? (Sadly, I’ve found that high meal price doesn’t always equal meal high quality.)

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