Gordon Ramsay At The London West Hollywood: A Few Growing Pains


Today’s LA Times has the latest review of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s newest creation, Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood. According to Times reviewer S. Irine Virbila, the new location is ‘a kinder, gentler Hell’s Kitchen’. While the restaurant decor is pleasantly palatable, Virbila seemed a bit dismayed by the restaurant’s menu, with items served entirely on small plates with multiple plates per table, resulting in ‘a mind-numbing headache’ at decision time. With dishes described as ‘inconsistent’, Virbila still ends on a positive note about Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood:

“…what seems certain is that Gordon Ramsay is hellbent on tickling Los Angeles’ taste buds and giving us a dining experience that is something different.”

Image details: Britains Best 2008 – Arrivals served by picapp.com