The Future of Restaurants: Chicago Chefs Chime In

Who can imagine where the food industry will be in twenty-five years? Will there be fast food as we know it? Will everything be green and organic?

Reporter Janet Franz, over at the Chicago Tribune, had the opportunity to chat with some of Chicago’s famed chefs, including Chef Homaro Cantu and 2008 James Beard Award Recipient Chef Grant Achatz, on the future of restaurants. From what to expect on your plate, to what to expect in the dining room, some answers may surprise you.

Q: In 25 years, what should guests at fine-dining restaurants expect to see on their plates?

Homaro Cantu, executive chef, Moto: Everything local, organic and transmogrified. And (to save energy), the next step will be three-dimensional food replication. No food miles, all organic, grown locally. You grow, say, 10 core ingredients, pop them in the food replicator and out pops Mom’s fresh-baked apple pie.

Q: How will the dining experience be different?

Grant Achatz, chef and partner in Alinea restaurant: Like now, many types of restaurants will exist. The fast food will become faster. Ordering your meal choices via handheld device before you arrive will allow you to go through one of several lines for fast-food pickup.

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