Bellinis Still Available at the Rainbow Room: SLA Accepts Cipriani Settlement

Was it for the efforts of New York Post food writer Steve Cuozzo and his plea for mercy?  Or was it that more than a thousand jobs were to face abdication?

Either the factor, the State Liquor Authority granted the Cipriani family their liquor licenses, which were under the threat of revocation following the cited four-dozen violations that occurred in nine of the family’s venues.  These establishments included the famed Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, Harry Cipriani at the Sherry Netherland Hotel and Cipriani Wall Street.

The case was ruled 2-1 in favor of accepting the Cipriani settlement of no contest and their payment of $500,000.

The Ciprianis offered a statement post decision:

“We are grateful that this resolution ensures that service will continue uninterrupted at Cipriani’s world-class locations across New York City.  Cipriani is a vital part of New York City’s economy and is proud to currently provide work for nearly 3,000 individuals across the city. We are eager to continue serving our clientele by providing them with the same high-class dining, events and hospitality that they have come to expect from the Cipriani family over the past 80 years.”

However, as the New York Times reported today, the family may not be free of tribulation yet.  According to the report there are issues arising between the family and Rainbow Room landlord, Tishman Speyer, who the Ciprianis charge want the venue converted into office space.  Tishman Speyer executives have denied such plans although they are displeased with “the shabby state of the space under the Ciprianis”. 

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