Forbes Announces: Ten Chefs Who Make More Than You Ever Will With That Culinary Degree!


Forbes magazine announced Friday the list of Ten Top-Earning Celebrity Chefs, and the names should already be familiar. Afternoon TV queen Rachael Ray, everyone’s favorite Non-Chef Celebrity Chef, cashes in at the top of the list, raking in $18 million a year with her publishing-television-product empire. Restaurateur and grocery store king Wolfgang Puck came in a close second with $16 million a year. A few other faves? Easy on the eyes Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio (oh, he cooks too?) came in at #8 with a mere $2M yearly pull. And our favorite culinary heckler, Tony Bourdain, rounded out the list at 10th place with $1.5M/year. Half of the top earners are Food Network darlings! (Or alums, like Bourdain and Batali.) Coincidence? I think not!

Missing from the list…
Todd English?
Emeril Lagasse?
Jamie Oliver?
Masaharu Morimoto?

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