Michelin Man Found in Geneva

Earlier this summer a self-employed scooter courier from Geneva embarked on an ambitious journey to dine at all 68 Michelin three-starred restaurants in 68 days. 

After two years of saving for the trip, Pascal Henry had completed 2/3 of his gastronomic expedition when he cut his meal short at El Bulli (Barcelona) and set on an unexplained two month hiding that spawned a countryside manhunt.  Mr. Henry was eventually spotted, and last week was reported to be back in Geneva.

The last morsel Mr. Henry savored before his odd disappearance was not disclosed, although it was said that the gastronome had fled without taking his hat and diary of photographs and signatures from his tour.

A Spanish journalist, one of the last to encounter Mr. Henry before his disappearance stated:

“He promised to grant me an interview when his journey was finished, and looked for a visiting card to give me, only to discover he didn’t have his wallet, and said he would pop out for a moment. A waiter told him not to worry, he could come back the next day. But Henry left anyway, saying he’d be right back…”

Mr. Henry never came back – reneging on his final 28 reservations in Spain, Britain, the United States, Japan and Paris.  His story was accounted around the world, in perhaps one of the most luxurious dine and dash acts, although considering the ease Mr. Henry had paid for the previous 39 meals (he had saved 30,000 Euro for the trip), financial distress was not likely the case for his rash decision.

For now we can only speculate on what went through Mr. Pascal’s mind as he sat in his coveted chair at El Bulli.  Was it the media spotlight?  Was it the over indulgence?  Was it just too heavenly?

Mr. Pascal’s uncle told a Geneva newspaper:

“As far as I am concerned he is back in Geneva and he can’t be anywhere else. With all this media hue and cry, he must be feeling a little sick. He’s trying to lie as low as possible and hope that everyone forgets all about him.”

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