Schrager’s Suggestions for the 2008 NYC Wine & Food Festival

A mere three weeks until the New York City Wine and Food Festival, and I’m already giddy!

Kate Krader, our fave editor over at Food & Wine Magazine, made sure to check in with the festival’s founder, and mastermind behind the ever-popular South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Lee Schrager, on his five favorite events at the upcoming culinary extravaganza. The first New York event of its kind, it’s a do-not-miss for foodies everywhere! You might even run into Rob and I!

#1: The Burger Bash (Friday, October 10)
This event, which started in the sand on South Beach, will be recreated on the Dumbo waterfront. Hosted by Rachael Ray, who says burgers are her favorite food, the event will feature 20 or so contestants, from Adam Perry Lang of Daisy Mae’s BBQ to Craft’s (and Top Chef’s) Tom Colicchio to whoever is the burger maker at Shake Shack. The crowd selects the best burger after eating as many as they want. “Honestly,” says Schrager, “people have a better chance of trying a Shake Shack burger here than at Madison Square Park.”

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