Campbell's Wants to See Less "Pop" from Pop Burger

Posted by R.K. Gella

Try to repress the image of Mr. Wilson wielding his fists after Dennis the Menace with this next bit, but Campbell’s soup has “declared war” on trendy hamburger outpost, Pop Burger.   

The legal dispute arose over concerns of the burger shops new store and its use of Andy Warhol’s famous silkscreen portraying the Campbell’s soup can.  Objecting through its legal team, the mastodon of the canned soup industry – Campbell’s turns 140 next year – has demanded the removal of the mural, citing that the display suggests an affiliation or sponsorship with the Campbell’s company.

Campbell’s lawyers have declared the situation an “infringement of the trademark rights”, while compromising to a degree.

“We recognize that your use of this material is intended as an homage to Andy Warhol and to convey a ‘pop art’ theme. We would have no objection to your use as ‘occasional’ wall art of two or three individual Warhol posters.”

But the Menace doesn’t compromise as put forth by a Pop Burger rep in today’s NY Post:

Who knew that Campbell’s Soup still existed? The only reason they are probably still in business is because Andy gave them a place in pop culture history that will forever be celebrated as some of the best art work ever created. And as for their request – come and try to take them down. They don’t have a can to p – – – in or a window to throw it out of regarding the legality of their request.

The artist completed the original artworks from 1962 to 1968.  When the famed artwork was installed into The Andy Warhol Museum in 2004, the Campbell’s company issued limited edition cans, deviating from its iconic red and white labels, using silkscreen colors.

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