A Memorable Thanksgiving

Here we are, basking in the turkey (or Tofurky) afterglow.

This year, I took a moment to reminisce about my favorite Thanksgivings past. From Iowa family gatherings to local turkey shoots, I was pleased to have a number of good memories come to mind.

My favorite Thanksgiving ever? When I was studying abroad in the south of Australia. Deep in a bout of homesickness (especially at the holidays) a dear Australian friend pledged to give my roommate and I a proper American Thanksgiving. However, since pumpkin is utilized mostly for savory dishes down under, she was a bit mortified by the thought of a sweet pumpkin pie. Bless her heart, when we arrived, the smell of pumpkin was in the air and a freshly baked pie sat squarely on the table. Talk about comforting! I hope this year’s Thanksgiving was just as memorable for you.

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Cookies and eggnog? Onward to Christmas!

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