Bravo's Top Chefs Pick Their Favorite Restaurants

Just can’t get enough Top Chef? Bravo has posted a new restaurant finder for all of your viewing pleasure. With picks from Top Chef judges and contestants alike, it seems there’s something for everyone, both nationally and internationally.

Visiting the Manhattan area? Guest judge Chef Eric Ripert recommends Bar Boulud, while Season 1’s Chef Miguel Morales recommends Asiate for a great brunch.

Dallas? Chef Tre Wilcox from Season 3 recommends award-winning French restaurant Aurora.

Paris? Plenty of choices, from Alain Ducasse to La Truffiere, a pick from upcoming Season 5’s Chef Alex Eusebio.

Oregon native Chef Brian Malarkey can even recommend a great restaurant, the Tumalo Feed Company, in Bend, Oregon. Apparently their Rocky Mountain Oysters are not-to-miss.

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