Obama To Mix Things Up In The Kitchen in 2009?

With speculation rampant on the number of changes that will take place within the White House (and ultimately the US) once President-elect Barack Obama takes office in January, some are speculating just how far the change will go. Food blogger Juliette Rossant, of Super Chef, posted this morning about possible changes within the White House kitchen itself. While a changing of the culinary guards doesn’t automatically happen with each administration, it’s possible that the current chef, Christeta Comerford, may be replaced once the Obamas move in to their new digs.

Rossant’s suggestions? Chicago favorites Chef Susy Crofton, of Crofton on Wells; Chef Carrie Nahabedian of NAHA; and Chef Sarah Stegner, of Prairie Grass Cafe.

The New York Daily News recently chimed in with their ideas for a new presidential Executive Chef as well, suggesting Chef Daniel Young, Chef Rick Bayless, and Oprah’s personal chef, Chef Art Smith.


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