Auld Lang Syne? This time with feeling!

Ugh! The food news is silent, folks! Everyone’s either at home eating or scrambling for their nearest restaurant or grocery store after freak snow storms! Today, I present a few of my favorite end o’ year links! Enjoy! Imbibe! Party like it’s 1999.

Oh…oh, really? Only the 28th? Oh..well…go easy for a few more days then. And then, you know. 1999.

  • Restaurant News Resource has links to QSR Magazine’s top food industry stories of 2008. I thought their article on High Fructose Corn Syrup was very well written.
  • We’re all thinking it. What will we do with those New Year’s Day hangovers? Wall Street Journal’s Eric Felten suggests a delectable Morning Lift, once a Sinatra favorite, straight from the Pump Room at Chicago’s Ambassador East hotel.
  • Staying in this year? Chicago Tribune’s food and wine critic Bill Daley suggests his favorite wines to usher in the new year. I’m thinking the 2006 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie.
  • Ever made plans to meet somewhere, only to find your favorite establishment has closed…or worse yet, moved to the other side of town? New York Times writer Glenn Collins wonders where patrons go once their favorite haunts make other plans.
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