Colicchio’s Craft Worldwide Holdings Sued For Labor And Wage Violations

This year, many well-known restaurants, including Pastis, Nobu, Tao, and Jean-Georges, have been embroiled in lawsuits for labor and wage violations, and it looks like Chef Tom Colicchio’s Craft Worldwide Holdings, which includes ‘wichcraft and Craftsteak, is the next in line for questioning.

According to a lawsuit filed Thursday by a former employee, Colicchio and his company are suspected of violating state and federal labor laws by withholding employee tips and overtime pay. Ex-Craftbar employee Nessa Rapone also contends that she was fired in May 2007 after she complained about the company’s wage policies.

“Colicchio’s restaurants were keeping tips that belonged to the workers,” said plaintiff’s attorney Justin M. Swartz of the Outten & Golden law firm. “[Rapone] worked for three months at Craftbar until she started asking whether she’d be able to keep the rest of her tips.”

~ R.K. Gella