Experienced Chefs Wanted for Part-Time Work

Don’t call it a recession?  After a year of squeezing by the elephant on the way to the bathroom, we can officially state we are in a recession.

For those cloaked in denial, the truth is behind the pushcarts.  The NY Times shed some harsh light onto the slimming job market that has impacted several industries over the last few months.  In this particular case, it was out of work cooks and chefs who were desperate for employment and willing to take a part-time job at a hot dog stand.

Note the hot dog stand, Let’s Be Frank, is a well known supplier of street side weenies on the west coast, with focused attention to organic and gourmet practices, but it still took owners, Larry Bain and Sue Moore, by surprise when their post for part-time help on Craigslist turned up some overqualified inquiries.

Most of the applicants noted years of kitchen experience whether in hotels, restaurants or cruise ships.  Some had even worked as corporate and executive chefs.

And almost all of them had expensive culinary degrees from places like the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., or Le Cordon Bleu at the Orlando Culinary Academy.

Larry Bain responded in an email to the Times, “Oh man, hard to pay off your C.I.A. tuition loans with a part-time shift at the cart.”

Unfortunately Mr. Bain, you should probably anticipate further resumes.

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