Tanking U.S. Economy Batters Flailing Restaurant Industry

As the economy continues to circle the drain, with a record breaking 1.9 million jobs lost in 2008, unemployment continues to run rampant throughout the restaurant and hospitality industries.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, three top execs at the National Restaurant Association <a href=were cut this week. Citing a ‘wide-ranging restructuring plan’, president and COO Mary Adolf, senior vice president of brand marketing James Boudreau, and senior vice president John Nocera were all released from the NRA’s Solutions subsidiary. The subsidiary, which encourages educational and training programs for restaurant professionals and those interested in the restaurant industry, may be suffering from low numbers with the continued economic dive.

That’s right, folks! With culinary professionals fighting for part-time work, that $40K hospitality degree you have may only be worth the paper it’s printed on. At least for now.

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