Keeping Up with the Restaurant Critics

Posted by R.K. Gella

Tracking reviews has almost become a full-time position for some restaurants.  With the emergence of amateur reviewers/critics via personal blogs, consumer-generated networks such as Yelp and the countless number on online publications, sifting for reviews can be daunting.

This is why BooRah, a two-year-old restaurant search site, has begun offering “reputation management”.  The firm’s new database will keep track of all a restaurants reviews, summarize them and tally them into scores and ratings that concern food, service and ambiance.

“Restaurateurs are more focused than ever on keeping customers happy, especially in these tough economic times,” said Eric Moyer, the CEO and co-founder of BooRah, which takes its name from boo for bad and rah for good. “One way for restaurant owners to differentiate themselves is by heeding and responding to online feedback, and our reputation reports and review tracking services make it much easier to do that.”

The service currently available for $14.95, has a database of some 600,00 restaurants across the country with 2.5 million reviews.

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