Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market Reopens To Tourists

Australian news outlet ABCNews noted this morning that Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Fish Market is now allowing tourists back into its hallowed halls after banning visitors in December. With as many as 500 foreign tourists a day, the market had become overwhelmed by complaints from fish workers fed up with the constant flow of photographs and inappropriate behavior.

The market will be implementing a strict ‘no hugging’ rule (that’s no hugging the fish, not the fish workers). It seems a few overzealous tourists have been caught stroking, licking, and even riding the market’s popular frozen tuna.

Last week, a most historic tuna sale took place at the market when two local sushi bar owners paid nearly $105,000 for one Japanese bluefin tuna. The 282-pound tuna (now that’s a tuna!) is the most expensive purchase at the Tokyo market since 2001. At $370 per pound, the sale of the bluefin greatly exceeds the average Tokyo tuna price of $25.00 per pound.

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