Weekly Newsbits: Whole Foods/New Seasons Agreement, Celebrity Airline Food

An update on the continuing Whole Foods/New Seasons Market saga unfolding over the last few months here in the Portland area. According to an article last week in The Oregonian, both parties involved have reached an agreement, with the Federal Trade Commission ultimately asking a federal judge to halt the merger of Wild Oats and Whole Foods. The Food Dude at Portland Food and Drink posted a short statement from New Seasons CEO Brian Rohter as well. You can continue to follow the developments here at the New Seasons blog.

This week’s Wall Street Journal has a fascinating article about a surprising recent change in airline food. With major US airlines increasing their food budgets by 8.5% in the third quarter of 2008, competition seems to be heated. Many are now turning to celebrity chefs from Charlie Trotter to Gordon Ramsay to bring their in-flight meals to a new level. With a first class ticket to Singapore in the $12,000 range (at least from NYC) the food better be spectacular!

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