Can The Obamas Save DC-area Restaurants?

Poor Barack! Not only does he have the wishes of an entire nation on his sturdy shoulders, from gay rights to education, there seems to be quite a bit of hope that he can kickstart the local restaurant industry as well! According to a recent CNN post, restaurateurs around the nation’s capitol are hoping the Obamas, well known for their date nights, will develop a new following for local diners. Throughout their residency in Chicago, the President and First Lady were often out and about at their favorite haunts. Since their arrival in Washington DC, some chefs, like Equinox’s Todd Gray, are even reporting a surge of reservations and congratulations after a presidential visit.

“They’re creating a huge buzz,” he said. “They’re out dining, They’re out supporting small family businesses, local-run businesses that in the end are the backbone of the American economy. And if that doesn’t give people hope, I don’t know what will.”

Can he do it? We’ll just have to see.

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